Blatant disregard for a life

This happened in the municipality of Eastern Goiao in Brazil
40 km from capital Brasilia
A place where there are a number of pet shops and grooming salons
And a large open air market.

Such grossness such vulgarity
From a mother with a child
Who took their dog by the scruff of its neck
And obviously defiled
Its rights to live by tossing
It down into a drain
Obviously beyond the pale
Her uncivilized refrain

Was videoed by a relative
Regarding it as a joke
Clearly uncultured loutish yobs
Who should be made to soak
In the same drain precisely
To underscore the pain
The stress and the adversity
That the dog felt, it was plain

To see the dog was leaping
Realizing he
Was thrown away as if garbage
For anyone to see
Such brashness such audacity
Sych shamelessness abroad
Contemptuous and brazen
Her high handed accord

To do this is slavish act
Shows a true hostility
A bitterness such rancour
On a pet dog all can see
How unfriendly and how frigid
How malevolent she be
Venemous and virulent
Yes full on enmity

Clearly of ill breeding
Tactless afterall
With a gruffness anyone could see
And a roughness as she did haul
The poor soul down the drain hole
She needs a kicking she
Needs to be found and rapidly
Who know who next might be

In the drain with that poor hound
It just seemed harsh and wild
Unladylike and mannerless
And infront of her child
You could feel the repugnance
The detestation for
An innocent thrown like a piece of trash
Anyone would ignore

She must be found she has to be
And hopefully the dog
Is safe thats my only wish

Juliana was a name used at the time

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