Tied to a telephone pole

Abandoned thats me
Left all alone
Tied up in a blizzard
And just left to moan
In Mainsworth Terrace
Thats in Hartlepool
A German Shepherd
Which you know as a rule

I favour one master
And so now for me
Stuck in this wet and cold street
I can see
I feel indestructible
I just hope I
Can get back inside soon
Out here I will die

Its not fair to leave me
Out in the cold
Besides I love life
And I am not all that old
I have years ahead of me
And an identity
True I’ve been abandoned
But quite honestly

I ‘m confident someone
Will take me in
Give me a home
Help me to win
A few years of life
Give me a role
In their lives
Not end mine tied to a pole

I am big I look fierce
I snarl so would you
Tied to telephone pole
Its so true
All my life i have guarded
People and now
I find myself begging
And I dont know how

The dog with no name
With no home with no hope
The police the officials
They cannot cope
No fixed abode
Homeless thats me
And few around these days
Think laterally

They misinterpret my mood
I can see
I am not aggressive
Its my own tragedy
Old and unwanted
That is my fire
Despite life at home
Which was my desire

I felt that reluctance
Their aversion to me
It was easy to shoot
To neglect and to be
Grudging and not prepsred
Yes I could feel
They were not disposed
I didnt appeal

Too old in the tooth
With that aged smell
A bit recalcitrant
Yes I could tell
What do humans know
Not a lot I can say
When they have the chance
To blow me away

Good at excuses
Thats what they do
We have tried everything
That is the clue
That they had a mind
To shoot me on sight
It okay for humans
They are, always right

I expect the wise sages
Will argue the case
On facebook and twitter
All over the place
Write me off shoot me
Its not them you see
Easy to talk
Easy to be

Brave when its my life
Then my obstinacy
My determination
Was just to break free
Run with the wind
Be feral a while
Unyielding just building
A brand new life style

Dogged thats me
Ready to run
Get to to the forest
Have me some fun
Hard nosed and obdurate
Stubborn its true
I dont want to die
So what say you?

I am aggressive
And nobody cares
Nobody wants me
Nobody shares
Lives anymore
They cant see my tears
They cant hear my heart
They dont feel my fears

Bang I am dead
It was the best thing
My eyes closed forever
My prayer on a wing
I was old i was homeless
Like many of you
And was shot by police
Who took the view

It was best for me
In the very long run
Bang you are dead

2 comments on “Tied to a telephone pole

  1. ReNay Carr on said:

    As the tears gather I’m so sorry they took your life. Humans do play God. Now rest innocent one as you are free.

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