Baltimore Aquaria

The cove and sea world’s operation
Was somewhat tainted by
Blackfish and its course of action
Its modus operandi
The shares they started falling
The customers got wind
Of a brand new stream of consciousness
And more were determined

To not be actually drawn into
The advantage taking mode
The enslavers into profit
Somehow it didnt bode
Well, not in the present climate
Cetaceans needed to be
In their family pods and ofcourse
Wild out in the sea

Perception and true insight
Seemed the order of the day
The protectors with their banners
Kept visitors away
Attendances were dropping
The board rooms clearly felt
Nervous as the profit forecasts
Showed the cards were dealt

Badly for their businesses
So they needed to be
Talking conservation and
Education constantly
The emphasis on cerebration
Had to be the way
It was intellectual suicide
To look the otherway

Captivity was being shown
To be the real truth here
And cruelty of purpose
That can cause them fear
The fat cat corporations
Needed to change tack
To ponder more to cogitate
For there was no way back

If they supported taiji drives
Or swimming in a pool
With humans all this fancy stuff
Thought up by a fool
The wild social mammals
Should be left alone
Capturing them and training them
As if they hadnt known

Themselves how leaping
From the sea high into the air
Was something they were good at
And by using the word care
The corporates saw an opening
A way to increase the take
Footfall was the answer
It proved they were awake

The notion of releasing them
From the miserable concrete pools
Where prisoners must work to eat
Drugged up,to the eye balls
A kind of watery circus
It was the place to be
Engendering in people
Some curiosity

But now the times are changing
Cruelty is seen
The need thus is to move them to
A sanctuary its green its ethical
Its needed it has to be the way
They still dont get it do they
That the dolphins still will pay

The ocean it is boundless
It is their actual home
This for them is freedom
Where they all can roam
We commit the crimes here
And, they tragically pay
Our arrogance creates that world
Thats far far far away

From where their gods had placed them
Watching them we can
But of course we want to control
All life
Thats the long term plan
And so we create a market place
Call it what you will
A sea life park a sanctuary
An aquarium we kill

The ocean with pollution
With our plastic with our oil
So obsessed with money
And from this mortal coil
We can really subjugate
Mammalia at will
Concentrate our efforts
So we can profit still

A bit of lateral thinking
Deductive reasoning
Come up with sound arguments
However maddening
Be inspiring be instinctive
Be intuitive as well
Speak the words they want to hear
Then go out and sell

The tide it is now turning
Losses must be cut
Now we need wise judgement
If we have a leaky gut
We need consideration
Appraisement and a way
Of getting the public on our side
And make the investment pay

To me its wishful thinking
A case of naivete
Hoping that we are persuadable
Or amenable to see
That wild souls of the ocean
Can be reprocessed away
From where they have been naturally put
to somewhere else and pay
Their dues by being our captors
For that is how they can
Still be on the payroll
The balance sheet of man

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