Why would BROOME not condemn Taiji
Curse them outlawry
Why exchange black hats and condone
The killings at Taiji
Most would expect Australia
To come out straight and say
we hate killing the dolphins
As a ritual of the day

Excuses like our history
Pearl fishing and the rest
Probably would have meaning
But to challenge them at best
Shows they are unelightened
And obscurantists in a way
With lots of tunnel vision
And closer too decay

Being easily persuaded
Hook line sinker all the while
The conviction they were born with
An exaggerated style
Chauvinistic and gung-hoish
Lacking logic everytime
With little chance of winning
Even a brass dime

And so BROOME takes the Biscuit
For following the Japs
Water has a memory
And it flows from taps
Its about their concentration
Its really uppermost
Alongside all that blubber
Behold the fighting ghost
The brainchild of the guru’s
Spread thickly on hot toast

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