Its just wrong
And its rotten
Its in excusability
Now does behind our backs
Is clise to immorality
At Wakayama where
Dolphins and whales
Are cut to ribbons
And left to face despair

The council all wrongheaded
Unreasonable clearly
Scandalous and injurious
Clearly they all be
In a weighted argument
Favouring the town
Not scurrying off to taiji
And really falling down
On their responsibility
By so supporting those
Murdering the dolphin tribes
Under our very nose

Taiji needs an australian mate
The bouden duty to
Look to be religious
The moral high ground true
Any blemish any smudge
You have to take a view
They threaten just to threaten
With everything they do

They really are wrongdoers
Scoundrels in a cage
Law breakers Fir ever
And they get into a rage
For Broome to use its goodness
Its impartiality
To vinducate and exculpate
And be chivalrous and true

Its almost an unconsciousness
And its insincerity
Bias yes an artfulness
With crookedness in view
Its shabby and its shaneful
Good for nothing villainy
Aiding and abetting
The criminals of Taiji

For me it leads to wickedness
And amorality
A baseness and a vileness
And of ourse improbity
Is it blackmsil is there something
That Japan has over you
Why else would you stand with them
And thus, transgress too

They all are lousy miscreants
Unworthy to be called
Councillors or public servants
Their arses should be hauled
The dolphin pods are being driven
And slaughtered every day
Red cove red cove red cove
The cetaceans pay

Unrepenting Broomsters
All without remorse
Unashamed of what they doing
Having no regrets of course
Nobody is confessing
No compunction here
Thete is no reparation
Just an awful lot of fear

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