This is a tourist enclave
And therefore does derive
Much of its wealth from tourism
That helps BROOME survive
In 1981 it signed a sister city
became all lovey dovey
With TAIJI understand

TAIJI is now infamous
For the dolphin killing drives
With all its worst intentions
Cruelty survives
Its spitefulness is every where
It Permeates the place
They kill so many infants
Which is a disgrace

Hard hearted truly pitiless
A blood thirsty people they
Are signed up to be friends
With the Australians today
JApan infact bombed BROOME
At least four times
In world war two
Killed more than a hundred souls
And blew up 22
The wrecks still can be
Seen at lowtide there
BROOME If it had wisdom
Why now would it share

Its helping hand to a people
Who are slaughtering a race
Of dolphins and of pilot whales
The world sees the disgrace
Australia is adament
Its wrong to slaughter whales
But Japan is out there doing that
THey should be in our jails

But NO Broome is supporting them
Giving them a hand
Every single drive they murder
Dolphins understand
They train some the most pretty ones
And sell them at high cost
Profitting the Japanese
From families that have lost

Their babies and their mothers
Pithed under the tarps
In the cove of blood it makes me sick
To hear the harps
Twanging out in Kimberley
Supportive of these louts
That murder precious dolphins
With their banging boats and shouts

I for one wouldnt visit and spend my money
Helping a place that murders wild cetaceans
In the infamous cove of blood snot and sinew.
As shown in the film BLackfish

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