A giant brain
An intellect
An understanding where
That association of ideas
And the consciousness we share
Sixth sense sonar sensitve
Inquisitiveness and zeal
Studious and diligent
And very very real

Able to discriminate
To appreciate and to be
Judicious and discerning
With sensibility
Able to evaluate
And ofcourse comprehend
Enlightened in so many ways
With the know how that can send

An enemy into free fall
Into chaos theory
A lot of understanding
Of hunting strategy
Profundity of thought
A considerable breadth of mind
Sagacious with ones thinking
And creative you will find

Tonic immobility
Especially around the shark
A shared meal for the family
A predator whose mark
Is clearly done and dusted
But the Orca she can see
The shark must be always moving
For their place in history

Ramming the shark and turning it
Upside down creates a mode
Akin to thanatosis
Its a rather slippery road
When playing dead as it happens
The Orca knows the way
Of capturing the great white shark
And making that soul pay

Science calls tonic immobility
The tomes in Neptunes library
May too
But its more to do with the Orca’s
Amazing intellect
That each one knows this
And indeed its true

If they care for shark meat
On their table
Then that knowledge they surely must
They may have seen it all before
Or heard their mother say how sure
She was that it did work
Without much stress

It goes to show that they conceal
A complex data base
Every action is recorded there
With will and grace
Its preprepared its preordained
Premeditated too
Deliberate and extensive
It is what Orca’s do

They hunt in pods
Pursuing and trailing fishes who
Are probably much faster
But are clearly not like you
Whatever the arena
The sweet smell of success
Is normally the outcome
And who would want for less

The killer whales are the most intelligent
Species and to have stolen their lives
As SEAWORLD has, was the greatest mistake
The human world accepted and ever paid for
And dear Dawn and the others were unfortunate victims
Of our complete arrogance

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