Pigs to slaughter

Benevolence and malevolence
Good will and ill will
A kindly disposition
A spitefulness that still
Exists across the spectrum
A balefulness a bitterness
And acrimony

Pigs should go to slaughter
A school decided to
Send the pigs to slaughter
Its what most people do
Pigs are only bacon
spare ribs And pork loin
Empathy and sympathy
really they conjoin

Responsiveness and understanding
For the purest life
A sanctuary could provide that
A farmer with a knife
His needs to be rewarded for the care
And farming cost
The pigs were purely living stock
Their lives must now be lost

The argument for mercy
For samaritans to be
Around to render love and care
Has gone essentially
The carnivores expect
A meal of pork and therefore will
Send the pigs to slaughter
Their blood Ofcourse to spill

The vegan favours leniency
And liberality
The farmer needs to pay his rent
Thus generosity
Will not come into being
He doesnt really see
Any rancour any callousness
From his humanity

Priestlands school Lymington
Tamworth and Gloucester old spots PIGs

And Tolerance

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