Wild Lion v captivity

An awareness born of consciousness
A philosophy of being
In the now of reasoning
And perception and all seeing
Vitalism verging on an meditative desire
To pit ones wits
And be wrapped in thought
With ones hunting heart of fire

Millions of years of learning
Concentrated through
Every adaptation
All working for you
Every association
Of ideas in the pot
Inventiveness and insight
And an eternal plot

A wild Lion is distinguishable
He really is the King
Pre programmed and consistent
With trying to bring
All that keen assertiveness
And willingness to be
An integral part of a lineage
And ofcourse his ancestry

Wild and clearly able
To hunt and to succeed
With all the implanted knowledge
And the will to lead
Able to assimilate
And harmonize with all
And the individuality
Yes actually to rule

Imagine swollen headed
Hubristic in a way
Puffed up and inflated
On any given day
Often on one’s high horse
Lacking humility
An opinionated self styled man
As immodest as can be

For sure he is conceited
And exaggerates a lot
Thinks he’s god almighty
Embarrassed No he is not
Ignorant of many things
And arrogant as well
Thinks that he can tame wild Lions
And their performance sell

He has an inner loathing
For the wildness some perceive
No courtesy of spirit
He cannot believe
That wild Lions should be living
In Africa where they
Were created and were placed
He says
That does not save their day

A circus life is special
Its a chance for man to shine
To do whats right by animals
Already theres a sign
Of ignorance and arrogance
And an enslavement underway
That steals the soul from the feline tribe
And really makes it pay

It truly is wrongheadedness
Capturing the wildness
To tame it and unfittingly
Condemn it to a cage and a circus
And the tricks
It really is iniquitous
A life is knocked for six

There is surely a duty
An obligation we
Are answerable to Bastet
For an eternity
Lack of respect the irreverence
Of neglect of a wild soul
Run down and disparaged
And under mans control

My explanation to Chipperfield and his license to
Tame wild Lions for his circus performance

Know whats right and whats wrong and leave the big cats
Well alone.

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