Broome’s deceptiveness 1

With deceptiveness now wildfire
In the annuls of the pure
They compromise their energies
And come up with the cure
The mirage and the mockery
The falsenness the deceit
Supporting the great whalers
Who are anything but discreet

Their love is in the shadows
Broome yes and Taiji
The rotten cove of gushing blood
The vile skulduggery
And ofcourse their shenanigens
Under the tarps where we
The angels wanting mercy
Ofcourse will never see

Fraudulent pretending
To be the dolphins friends
This is Broome in Australia
But that is where it ends
Supportive of the Japanese
The spurious the vile
Anything but cultured
A nation I revile

They victimize and they enslave
Pods of cetaceans who
Are innocent as the day is long
In everything they do
Pearl fishing historicity
They now outwit us all
Mendacious to the point of evil
Wide of the mark their call

Broome the true deceiver
Two-timer and the rest
Double crosser snake in the grass
Conspirator no less
They are great romancers
Charlatans as well
Saying they hate whaling
But joining them in hell

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