It was no misunderstanding

It was no misunderstanding
As the blizzard tore into
I was tied up to that telphone pole
Not knowing what to do
A travesty of justice
Cross-purposes not I
Where is the revelation
The hoarding from on high

Unconcealed and overt
Brandishing my tears
Said to be aggression
But Plainly they were fears
A spotlight though was showing
A message from afar
There was no way of saving
This canine super star

He was no apparition
His candour like a book
Open just releasing all that tension
And it shook
Me right down to the gunnels
I felt the shivering shake
His eyes blood red and silent
My heart it just did break

Hidden fires were present
Subliminal was his cry
Someone tied me to this pole
I cant imagine why
Lurking skulking in his darkness
Passively he goes
Veiled in covert secrecy
And my blood it flows

I am in such purdah
A smokescreen of sorts
Enter plod the policeman
With his assorted thoughts
Evasive the duplicity
I have felt it all before
Its cryptic and its hooded
Easy to ignore

There are no halo’s present
They conspire to put an end
With bated breath I stutter
Clearly no one here’s a friend
There are no affirmations
The force is sworn to be
Denied before the mother

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