Franken chickens

Baseless groundless without foundation
Almost fictitious in a way
Unconceived and unimagined
In the finsl stages of decay
Not a whit or jot can we
Talk about in real terms
Just shallowness and vacuity

Meaningless and characterless
No relstion to the true
A motley bag of freaks and mutants
Bearing no similarity, few
To nature and to true creation
What we have is a far cry
From hatching it takes 48 days
To reach 6 pounds
I wonder why
Thanks to gm and antibiotics
And growth hormones
And the science bods
Who weave their ugly vile intention
Believing they are the new gods.

The chickens face a war within them
They are more like robots in a way
Inharmonious and at variance
To what is real around today
Their bodies on enlargement programmes
Bulging every which way to
Bacteria they are heaving with it
Breaking down infront of you

Defectiveness and imperfection
Missing links i have to say
Inadequate and defective systems
Incomplete in every way
Alien a state of chaos
Aberrant and teratological
Growing faster every day

In slaughterhouses no protection
Vile abuse is commonplace
Torture of the worst examples
Everywhere is a disgrace
Up against the light of evil
Profit for the sake of it
Infinity is around the corner
The quality is less than shit

They call them chickens but goodness knows
They are monsters really they
Are old before they have reached two months
Their legs wont hold them Anyway
Feeble and emasculated
helpless paralysed and thwarted
Most are barren sexless creatures
Cooked already and over salted

Mass production duplication
Influences all they do
Genetic splicing truly dicing
With reality for you
Screwballs with their looney tunes
Aggressive personalities
Incomprehensible unaccountable
And evasive ambiguities

You probably can feel my anger I make no excuses
Vegan 46 years and so many of you still eating by the bucket load

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