Monthly Archives: May 2016

The tigers are leaving

Lead them away Take them away All the tigers Everyday They were so Threatened and tortured as we all know They were the Emperors in their own way Treated like Asses And made to pay The monks were wicked And … Continue reading

Summer Solstice at Stone Henge

The magic of summer The longest of days Feel all that energy Smile folks it pays Give of yourself To the light of the day Its the sun’s positivity Lighting our way The Summer Solstice Stone. Henge is the one … Continue reading

Their closeness to us is phenomenal

A silver backed Gorilla Was shot the other day A little boy got into A place Crawled in all that way And fell into the enclosure Its parents unaware The gorilla never harmed the boy But was shot to death … Continue reading

The deer did you no harm

So you killed a pregnant Deer And then you cut her baby free Bloodied hands and a bloodied knife Butchering her happily And setting before a camera Prepares this awful sight Holding up the unborn babe And you all dressed … Continue reading


Very few endings happen the way We all expected thats what they say Most leave you stuck in a time warp may be Or its matter of fact the new reality Leaving a void or a vacuum or too So … Continue reading

Babes in the wood 5 of them

Babies they were babies Innocent wee souls Brought into this fragile world By a bunch of fxxking trolls Possibly a puppy mill Or a private breeder who Was overcome with earning And was lost to what to do These criminals … Continue reading

Wat Pha Luang Tan Bua.(Tiger Temple)

The imaginary and unrealised Temple in the East Where 147 Tigers Are soon to be released Out of the artless clutches Of the supposed Abbot who Made fantasy commonplace And tragically untrue With Exploitation rampant A business model there Really … Continue reading

Predator mother

How can a mother kill a baby How can a mother who knows How can she wait in the forest In her camouflage gear and just pose With a bow on her back And an arrow To shoot through the … Continue reading

Is this girl power?

A patriarchal cloud of lust And fetish death and fear Have rubbed off on some females And twitter feeds are clear Their artlessness and naivete Are at bounds for I never felt That it could happen in this old world … Continue reading

On hearing Hilary Hahn’s interpretation of Paganini Caprice 24

A mindfulness Within the scope of genius May throw Light on Paganini With her violin and her bow Dedication personified The spirit from the core A countenance of peacefulness And a beauty without flaw