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The tigers are leaving

Lead them away Take them away All the tigers Everyday They were so Threatened and tortured as we all know They were the Emperors in their own way Treated like Asses And made to pay The monks were wicked And … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice at Stone Henge

The magic of summer The longest of days Feel all that energy Smile folks it pays Give of yourself To the light of the day Its the sun’s positivity Lighting our way The Summer Solstice Stone. Henge is the one … Continue reading

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Their closeness to us is phenomenal

A silver backed Gorilla Was shot the other day A little boy got into A place Crawled in all that way And fell into the enclosure Its parents unaware The gorilla never harmed the boy But was shot to death … Continue reading

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The deer did you no harm

So you killed a pregnant Deer And then you cut her baby free Bloodied hands and a bloodied knife Butchering her happily And setting before a camera Prepares this awful sight Holding up the unborn babe And you all dressed … Continue reading

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Very few endings happen the way We all expected thats what they say Most leave you stuck in a time warp may be Or its matter of fact the new reality Leaving a void or a vacuum or too So … Continue reading

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Babes in the wood 5 of them

Babies they were babies Innocent wee souls Brought into this fragile world By a bunch of fxxking trolls Possibly a puppy mill Or a private breeder who Was overcome with earning And was lost to what to do These criminals … Continue reading

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Wat Pha Luang Tan Bua.(Tiger Temple)

The imaginary and unrealised Temple in the East Where 147 Tigers Are soon to be released Out of the artless clutches Of the supposed Abbot who Made fantasy commonplace And tragically untrue With Exploitation rampant A business model there Really … Continue reading

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Predator mother

How can a mother kill a baby How can a mother who knows How can she wait in the forest In her camouflage gear and just pose With a bow on her back And an arrow To shoot through the … Continue reading

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Is this girl power?

A patriarchal cloud of lust And fetish death and fear Have rubbed off on some females And twitter feeds are clear Their artlessness and naivete Are at bounds for I never felt That it could happen in this old world … Continue reading

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On hearing Hilary Hahn’s interpretation of Paganini Caprice 24

A mindfulness Within the scope of genius May throw Light on Paganini With her violin and her bow Dedication personified The spirit from the core A countenance of peacefulness And a beauty without flaw

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The captive orca should have never been

Where was the wisdom Where did it go What is an absurdity Why give a show It was irrelevant But it caught on Imprisoning animals Making them don The cloak of humanity When after all Those particular people Should have … Continue reading

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Deepak thats me A little doggy Caught on the track Took quite some flack My legs shredded so The pain seemed to grow I started to cry And I thought I would die It was dusty and hot I had … Continue reading

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Elephant slave in the timber moving business

The absurdity of expecting an Elephant To drag Timber tree trunks up a steep incline I watch them flag Drawing in deep draughts of air And pulling for all they are worth Sliding on the muddy bank backwards Through the … Continue reading

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A cow is murdered on the pavement

Everything is matter of fact Its a common street so who would react To such a happening come and see Us slaughter an animal expertly Force her down and tie her head around a pole That being said tie all … Continue reading

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Spain the blood drain

Its sickening to see this And such a big crowd too In a public square Yes of all place Even to do Such an act torture For clearly that is this Its really diabolical In a sense taking the piss … Continue reading

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Toxic wastelands the future for our children

Our green and pleasant land Worth fighting over Our fathers and our grandfathers Were there Digging with their bare hands In the fertile earth Planting crops that everyone Could share And now its being bull dozed The drills and pads … Continue reading

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Captive Lions

The predicament they are facing In historic terms must be The most serious threat to the jungle king Then most around can see Their freedom at an all time low Their paradise is gone And man unkind is on their … Continue reading

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The Matadors companions

Its absolutely contemptible How bull fights now take place How the bulls become victims And just what vile disgrace Occurs before its entrance Into the killing ring How they prepare the animal The so called underling Filing down its splendid … Continue reading

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Setting a bull on fire and hearing it scream whilst it runs around the street

Medincelli an ancient town In Soria The name came from the Arabic I hear And every November a terrible Thing does happen They tortue a proud Bull And enjoy its fear Really it defies imagination The brutality of the Spaniards … Continue reading

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Genetic arrogance

Absoluteness givenness Existence through time The mosquito in French Little fly Whose bite has seen So many die The mosquito itself Has no venom And only the female Needs blood It is the magic though sadly its tragic That creates … Continue reading

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Bee food

A hive of activity Does spring to mind An incredible cycle of souls Their givenness exploited By man unkind Who takes on a brute Of the roles Each Bee apparently It Knows its role And gives its Undying support and … Continue reading

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her inherent potentiality Endowed with magic she Transcending all of nature Such a temperament we see With every changing circumstance Each opportunity She takes and makes her way in life With total constancy She’s remarkable and amazing Though her life … Continue reading

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Mc Donalds and the rest of them

Self interest is paramount In their whole way Of conducting business Every day Regardless of harm to others They be There to make money Thats all they see Thats their priority Thats what they do Its not flesh and blood … Continue reading

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Tungurahua or throat of fire Looms over Banos, she Is a lady warrioress Smoking passionately When I was there a shaft of grey Was always in the sky The indigenous know of her spirit And the anger in her eye … Continue reading

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She is suddenly there before your eyes Her steep cone rising high With lots of mud flow prints to see Ancient eruptions lie Still steaming at this moment A giant in repose She is south of Quito But on certain … Continue reading

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Prince of Winter

In all of existence There is one such as I The apex predator With a green eye On the land that surrounds us And the wintry blast That tests our abilities To run so fast To identify game To eat … Continue reading

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Once there was nothing Just a great grassy plain Over massive white chalk Then reasonings chain Became the ability To just create Circles of stone At an alarming rate Burial mounds hewn From the chalk Its there its all there … Continue reading

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Little Mary Bell

Society the bane of Life’s experiences abroad Mary Bell born into Hell Existence her reward A drunken aggressive father figure A humbled prostitute mother Living in a ScottsWood slum In a family like no other There was little or no … Continue reading

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Potten End Jumble Sale

Potten End Hall On a rainy Saturday So many lovely ladies Cars packed and away To the Jumble Sale they surely For the cats near and far All sorts of lovely goodies That is what they are And all the … Continue reading

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Back in the year of my father Asylums each country possessed Existence and life they were brothers A connection it has to be stressed An affinity for one another Though a contrariness in a way They really resembled each other … Continue reading

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