The captive orca should have never been

Where was the wisdom
Where did it go
What is an absurdity
Why give a show
It was irrelevant
But it caught on
Imprisoning animals
Making them don
The cloak of humanity
When after all
Those particular people
Should have gone back to school
Arrogance surfaced
The ignorant came
And that combination
Was who is to blame

Its the Emperors clothes
And the gullible tribe
That detract from the obvious
And try to imbibe
The spirit of genius
Onto us all
Their inexactness
Their tale was too tall
Their desire for knowledge
Their mindlessness state
Saw them capture an Orca
On that given date
Life as they knew it
Was taken away
With All their emotions
They were made to pay

the vivification and vitality
That great fluid realm
Deep under the sea
The surface of mirrors
Or wave pattern length
Combined with the winds
Giving tremendous strength
To The ocean below what our human eyes see
The wild fields of kelp
Where so much life be
The vast armies of light forms
That inhabit this world
And the millions of creatures
That found themselves hurled

A great soup of life
Enigmatically drawn
From new waves of existence
Where new life does spawn
In great clouds of sperm
Sent forth on the tide
Where the Herring come forth
A huge pattern of pride
The undersea world is like no other place
Its unprecedented
For the size of space
And the nourishment everywhere
Nothing can compare
With the vastness and beauty
Our eyes can see there

So imagine they capture
An Orca and bring
It back to the mainland
Its a kind of sting
Operation they did it
And all they could do
Was erect a tank
And paint it blue
The perceived colour
Of oceans but here
Ir was dead to the world
That was soon clear
An alien space
Lacking the thrust
A conflict of sounds
They’d be going for bust
So much discord
Which would choke at their core
And an end to true hunting
Which was what they were for

Predation was essential
To be fed by a man
With what fish he had
Was not a good plan
Buckets of dead fish
Iced left to thaw
And then thrown at them
Tasteless and raw
With added supplements
With added drugs
Arrogance surfacing
With mans own bugs

Seasons of change
Wild oceans alive
Abundant and growing
The joy to survive
In a huge land of wonder
A constant flow
Of life and of death
And all there on show
Or a concrete tank
With sterility
Up against chlorination
And no depth to be
Plunging down into
And rising again
To taste the sweet air
Through its salty refrain

There is no justification
For slavery here
Just a pitiful watching
Which generates fear
In their hearts and minds
Being ogled all day
And expected to do tricks
For so little pay
Nothing at all just a vile lifeless stew
No interaction nothing to do
A higher acidity than they were aware
And a big corporation that just didn’t care

It was not in their remit
They did what they said
Remember their ignorance
And where it had led
Them to capture Dolphins and
Orca’s so they
Were one step ahead of the others
A way
Of beating competitors
And earning more cash
Getting the kudos
And feeling all flash

Its all about figures
And Their balance sheet
Making the money
One of the elite
Places to learn and to see
The great beasts from below
The waves really knaves
That did grow
Into massive pleasure parks
The great day out
With the added attraction
Of Orca’s to flout

To commercialise living
To just sanitise
Reality saw little between the eyes
Boardrooms with stuffy old men in grey suits
Far far removed from the sea creatures roots
They really knew nothing
And so understanding
The Orca’s plight it would be like landing
In some alien realm not equipped to be there.
And feeling so out of it though so aware
Of the realisation that your captors had thought
They created the paradise that you had sought

That was their arrogance and their meanness too
Their interpretation
So nothing new
Humans were tight arses all of the time
Lacking information to help them to climb
Out of their bog hole and just let us be
In a sea pen or back home in the sea
Its the absence of choice that gets to us we
Are creatures of habit and instinctively
We are creatures born out of the complexity
Of options and choices and how things should be

And so languishing here in these dank places we
Want to abstain from the showtime and be
Within ourselves contemplating our all
Not festooned with dead fish which for us does appal
Most days much too cold soft tasteless, they
Were bought in and frozen and really to stay
In a tank being thrown fish is not what we do
We are predator animals yes through and through
We decide what we will eat every day
Not what human arrogance tosses our way

Intention pursuit what it is we are
We live in our pods and we swim far
Not round in circles but for miles and miles
Chasing your boats and just eating piles
Of fresh squid and fishes and all sorts of things
The hunt and the chase it kind of brings
The best out in all of us
Waiting to be
fed out of some bucket
Saddens us, we

Get more emotional as the days fly
Ww suffer digestive disorders its why
We don’t get what we want and hardly can chew
Out teeth get all broken
Yes it is true
Biting the bars in Frustration you see
Due to overall insufficiency
We feel so inadequate stuck in this tank
Its not anywhere big enough and it smells rank
The sea was our Paradise our haven home
Not this rotten bath tub with no where to roam

About Rex Tyler

I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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