Caviar how selfish the rich really are

Once the Caspian Sea was where

the marvellous soul was born

the Sturgeon a long living fish

surely it was torn

between remaining there and swimming elsewhere

which has meant

how they reproduce preventing extinction

has now sent

things into a thoughtful stance

when realising we

especially the well heeled

scoff lots of it and be

wholly sensed to say

they love it

the creamier they feel

no thought for the murdering

which ofcourse is real


that old chestnut profits

not a prophets anywhere

just those braindead idiotics who see wild life

and just see fair

game to go and catch them

and surgically remove

thousands of eggs from females

who were in the groove

the rich the very affluent

selfish to the core

the godly act of laying eggs

creation and some more

enter Mr Caviar

millions of tiny eggs

over exploitation

really we are the dregs

of humanity for certain

our riches all on show

a small cast of  thousands

thats if you did not know

long lived and late maturing

somewhat like a shark

with a spindle like body

and armoured scales

a mark

of genius personified

these scutes are very strong

botton feeding in river and esturies

Where they belong


humanity has ways of replacing one word for another

it takes the emotion from the soul

when dealing with the food

we call it ROE

but actually its life creating eggs

designed to further the sturgeons very existence

it has legs

meaning it has great meaning and its

sensitively placed

and removing the eggs for cosumption

in my books has disgraced

the scum bags at removal

for they kill the mother who

wasnt sick and loved her life

a bit like all of you


but she was born

a Sturgeon

in the Caspian sea

and the eggs produced by her

are the  caviar we see

those of us that is who feel the need

to bring about

the end of all these whipper snappers

and thats without a doubt

eaten as a garnish

such a waste of life

i hear we eat four tonnes a year

and don’t think about the strife

dont think about creation

the godly gift pursued

just think about our avid guts

yes folks however crude

millions of would be babies

miracles in fact

the  rich cannot create them

science hasnt backed

that winning horse not yet i hear

but already what we do

in Spain is take the great control

and farm them

Yes its true


money makes their world go around

and controlling vital forces

taking over the management of wild fish

all the sources

turning them into slaves

larcenists we be

we are going steal their nest eggs

to sell and eat you see


everyone a new life a miracle a seed

to become a baby Sturgeon

thats angelic, indeed

until man and his grasping fingers his heartless selfish

grabbing style

cuts the mothers abdomen and steals her precious pile


it saddens me in so many way

that humanity so stinks

making money out of murder

pots of it one thinks


and now an endangered species

clearly thanks that we

who set about detracting

the angelic beads that be

known by us as caviar

unethical for sure

immoral thats if you ask me

breaking every law

inglorious and ignoble

mans evidence is high

its murder plain and simple

venality most high


we call it a fine delicacy

the most expensive spread

lemon wedges,sour cream,creme fraiche

it has led

the rich  to want the blini’s

and some even  on toast

eaten from the back of the hand

the way some like it most

we transgress in our wanton way

conscienceless of course

many of us have lost it

that is from our source


for them its like a ritual

an arrestable  offence

of murdering the unborn

you are right it makes no sense

Such respect  is evident

humiliation too

mothers working overtime

preparing eggs for who?

for the survival of her species

or satisfying those

with more money than


who truthfully suppose


no matter how unfitting

how iniquitous they be

the munifcence of packing in

the eggs salty and free

such joyless vulgarity

vegans everywhere

Thinking about  survival

are now  much more aware


they use clean words like harvesting

it all sounds very pure

ultra sounds to find out whether

there are eggs that will lure

the horrid grasping fingers

with stealth and ugliness who

will perform their operations

and remove the roe on view


the coarseness and acerbity

its impious to me

a vegan sits on a higher plain

than the grovelling shits who be

filling their r guts with living souls

unborn but knowing they

in the scheme were starting out

as fry i have to say

but instead must face the stomach dark and

acid as hell

it will be no lark

to perish with the smell

With the excrement

the discharge

that may end again

back in the salty ocean

after a journey of great pain

each fish costs £10000 pounds

mixed with Salt it be


a case for those

who murder constantly.



















About Rex Tyler

I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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