Pet food slaughter


they are so far from sentient

heartless and cruel vile, they

go out shooting Kangaroo’s

blowing them away

lousy shots most of  them tearing off their jaws

terrible vibrations

call them the Pet food wars


obtuse and dull these shooters

Repressed and bloody dour

causing immense suffering

sane souls asking how

Anyone in their right mind

Could  ever act this way

so deplorably lamentable

tear jerking all the way


at night you will hear the rifles


a vile disturbing business

whose work is truly dire

2000 wild Bush Angels

to be slaughtered every week

and turned into food for cats and dogs

this is what they seek

Residents of Loddon  nightmares every day

a battleground of ignorance

of  worry and dismay

limping broken kangaroo’s

orphaned joeys crying

Broken bones and gaping wounds

and the meat traders some lying


Telling  us  its ethical

new jobs for the place

Bloody awful karma

One hell of a disgrace

What is  the feel bad factor

the nights of discontent

the querulous demands on life

nothing heaven sent

ululation everywhere

the tedium of death

these beautiful handsome wild souls

gasping for the breath

god had given freely

these shooters stole away

dead flesh soaked in maggots

and Australia will pay

the piper, you can bet on that

Their sacrifice is wrong

its hideous and repulsive

and really does not belong

in the state of Victoria

its odious to see

formless grotesque ravaged bodies

All murdered they will be


a total obscenity

the admiration most

have for the iconic ones

to tourists they just  host

their gentleness and caring

of noble descent

2000 victims every week

a blood awful dent

in what is the creation

miracles they be

environmental stewards

such  true ancestry


up against the butchers

the dregs of sanity

some of the lower orders

drenched in depravity

the statuesque the handsome

high spirited and real

they really leap with dignity

see them and you feel

joyful deep down inside of you

as for the blustering fools

the arrogant the cavalier

many who have no balls

no real guts in their arsenal

shooting  from afar

domineering and lordly

they are the eternal scar

on our noble creatures

we watch them hacked and fall

fathers losing children

what is a lead wall

of bullets tearing into flesh

Mean  spirited and rank

aloof with a moroseness

i hate them to be frank


Don’t  let them  murder kangaroos

the trade is dark all through

because they have displeasure

for the darling Roo

an aversion and ill feeling

stop them in their tracks

we do so love wild animals

and we have their backs


kangaroo processing

its evil through and through

Making money out of killing

how can it be true

its a sickness that breeds anger

reeds a fury in my soul

such spiteful bitchy viciousness

who just take on the role

of barbarousness and savageness

they in fact dig their hole

deeper in the sinfulness

threatening those who call

Cancelling our humanity

which really affects us all.


Stop this vile processing plant

stop it in its tracks save our beautiful Kangaroo families

the bug Males and often sad females and their joeys and pinkies that end up decapitated or bashed on the bull bars

life is sacred  the Roo is Australia.










About Rex Tyler

I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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