Hailey is My cousin

and, in so many ways

We mirrored each other

in our early days.

Our  fathers were absent

but our mums thankfully

were attentive to needs

and were purposefully

both beautiful souls

Watchful and caring

earnest and loving

and, always sharing


Hailey  brother Barry

and Hailey were two

Peas in a pod

they were both good and true


growing up she said she really

looked up to me

whatever the predicament

we seemed to be


Assured, she remembers

when she was sixteen

I gave her a scarf

Made  of  soft messaline

she loved it so much

it was good to wear

so soft to the touch

But she was aware

growing up we were close

but when I left,  as such

our paths hadn’t crossed

We were just out of touch


friends,  drifting apart

With tears in their eye

I was  in the Harlequin

in Watford a sigh

I wouldn’t have normally

been there  but Annette

said I should go there

and thats where I met

Hailey again

we were able to

catch up on stuff

It is what real friends do

We remembered how we went

to St )ames  in Bushey

Sharing our sad childhood

And the challenges, we

faced absent fathers

But both had good mums

all the abuse

but we were still chums


so its been three years

since we got back again

I was thinking  she may have

abandoned me

over my sadness

but the tragedy

was she had given birth

a rather sick child

who had a heart problem

with her partner it was wild

low times and sadness,

and masses of stress

it was just all of these

circumstances,  no less

that was the reason

No contact was made

all the uncertainty

really it weighed

On both our  sweet minds

This Mutual regret

But we quickly picked up

where we left off

all set


fine,  we were activists

sharing stuff,  I

Said about the Catholic School

and the wifi

the radiation

the dangers were  bad

the governments arrogance

and just how sad

that children are being

Affected each day

and now the vaccines

Being rolled out our way

so much to talk about

thats what we do

depend on each other

which really is true


Her Partner Matt

she had known him for years

he was a hard working

an artisan who

fitted heating boilers

and serviced them too

he had won some big  contracts

in London and he

Always worked hard

and expeditiously


a perfect family

in so many ways

a great deal of  love

and caring

which plays

to the children, one Freya

the youngest

and Millie

Adorable lasses

always merrily

felicitous and happy

joyful and wise

for their years

and their bones

wifi and phones!


Hailey she cares

and she makes sure her girls

get the guidance they need

knowledge she hurls

its for their betterment

and you can see

they are really sweet girls

as to their gadgetry

they are not on their I pads

hour after hour

they listen, they learn

and they empower

each other

a family, balanced and true

lots of moral fibre

and integrity too


Damian thats Hailey  mums Partner

he be

arty,he is    into crafts

an artisan,free

plays the guitar

creative and real

faithful and loyal

and expressly ideal.

her Uncle Robert

he went off to France

bought a cottage and Land

a right song  and dance

but Thankfully Carole

stayed steadfast and strong

with a penchant for animals

all of a long

Reliable and worthy

Unsullied and true

the perfect mother

to her special  two

if you like

Damian, is now

a step dad we know

the story ends well

And reliably so.

























About Rex Tyler

I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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