Beagle farming for vivisection

Such an awful lack of principle

and corruptibility

shameful worthless


wicked spivvery


abusing the intelligent

for their docility

their friendliness

imagine it

the vile improbity


of picking on a Beagle dog

and deciding what to do

farm them, poor souls stuck inside

cages,  yea its true

treated very badly

and  at a young age

flogged off for vivisection

oh god thats off the page


painful toxicity experiments

look them in the eyes

turning over millions of pounds

The Devil cries

as these beautiful sweet angels

are pulled apart and torn

tortured  unbelievably

and nobody to mourn

their passing

just deserted these godly created souls

the wickedness beyond the pale

marketed by trolls


Huntingdon  house of horror

Irreverence and woe

Disparagement  and dishonour

what a way to go

creation gave the world these miracles

to behold

and the darkly puppy  murdering scum

leave them to be rolled

in agony in terror and in pain

Beyond belief

Profiting from  insult

And from injurious defeat.








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