Summer Solstice in the winking of an eye

The longest day

and the shortest night

Summer at last here

Nature  is always good to us

She Provides the crops most dear


the pandemic, a phenomena

Some of the grey suits they

contaminated the air waves

in their cabalistic way.


giving back and atoning

for the negativity

thats out there yes afflicting

the weakly ones who be


Sharing lateral thinking

and the mindful approach

such deliberation

as others, we now coach


the sources of  the danger

that the unwary feel

frightened and deliberately

worried  we reveal


our Druidic principles

and the treadmill on which


actually come  together

in perpetuity


the challenges of Summer

the colours that we see

the 17th of this month


the Celtic Oak

and we


give way to the  Holly

On the,  8th of July

this the Solstice story

in the winking of an eye.




we are the Cotswold  brethren




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