Green Bay

The Naturalness

the verdancy

green leafed

grass lime and moss

a Green Bay

not so far away

where the Sage and Willow cross

where animals and fishes.

and birds sleep


And enjoy not being eaten

where Olivine grow free

Emerald and Beryl

Green Bays everywhere

a little shop

whose heaven and

all the people there

profit not from killing

or wounding, for they be


and they live

and let live

With ethicality


and caring people

they exercise

with reason

supporting those who

make bold moves

and work with  every season

Their  use of lateral thinking
and watcfulness of mind

Punctillious and preoccupied

with what creatives  find

Wonderful yes life itself

the evidence is  there

A GreenBay thus affirming

Reasons to be aware

graphic  and emphatic

selective of their wares

an accent on creativeness

and  truth with each soul



ANDERSON , ROSA  and all the team.






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