Hunters and beef producers

Its absolutely pitiful
That Idaho can claim
An end to wolves by trapping them
They honestly inflame
The hearts of many Americans
Who see wildlife and know
Its doesnt belong to the hunters
Or the ranchers
But they show
Themselves up with their arrogance
As for them they feel
All wildlife should be slaughtered
Trappers really real
who leave their contraptions
In wilderness areas where
A wild soul can be slaughtered
How can this be fair

As for Governor little
The ranchers clearly they
Have the funds to turn our heads
And the trappers too
Who slay
Wild life disrespectfully
Off handed and soncruel
Wheres the justice
Their venality
They make up their own rule

Ranchers kill their stock
Its about money in the bank
Trappers murder spitefully
For fur and to be frank
The countryside the wildlifE
Godly creatures they
Are murdered in their hundreds
And what does the governor say

Carry on the slaughter
Murder them at night
Wild animals do have their place
How is all this right
Boise we know named after
Trappers so nothing learned
Life that roams the countryside
Clearly is always spurned

Killing, murdering species
Families its a sin
How these trappers sleep at night
The racket will begin
An utter lack of principle
Palm greasing everywhere
A population sensing
Even more despair

Offhanded and insulting
We defenders of the wild
Families with their babies
All being defiled
Ranchers are a bunch of rotters
Using their whip hand
To kill a native species
A jeering jibing band

God made wolves to live their lives
Not be trapped and killed
Not be shot by cowardly shooters
Who see the blood they have spilled
And high five to the bank
Lobbying on high
Wildness is a precious thing
And if the wolves all die

The environment will suffer
In the long run people will
Lose what god had given them
All this blood we spill
To protect the MEAT trade
The fur trade scum, in fact
The killing fields of idaho
Which is why, we react

As defenders of the wild life
Surely we must try
And protect and save the wilderness
These hunters they all lie
Ambushing our animals
Torturing them at will
Its destroying the environment
Which really casts a chill

Through the lands of Idaho
Unbalancing it all
Predation done away with
Prey animals will trawl
Grasslands and vegetation
The environment will be
So far out of kilter
Just you wait and see.

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