Chocolate boycott the corporations

The big boys are making money
Hand over fist they be
Slave labour
Children kidnapped
Forests cleared we see
Cacao bushes everywhere
Glyphosate is rife
The workers have no protection
Who’d want to live their life
Spraying this shit now everywhere
As far as you can see
The cacao filled with herbicides
And d its all done dangerously
Residues are everywhere
Cancer forming they
Spray it every where on everything
Each day
It kills the living forest
Everything there dies
Then they plant the cacao
Which the corporate denies

Selling so much chocolate
Profits and all time high
The workers are paid nothing
Underneath the sky
The big boys are a bunch of liars
They pay a rotten price
Employing little children
All of them entice
Even younger kids to work
With machetes they
And they are facing herbicide
Spraying hard all day
The end product is awful
Though the sales are high
So much suffering
So much woe
And many people die

The Ivory Coast and Mali
See their children slave
Pesticides are everywhere
The situation grave
The people have so little cash
We should boycott them all
Buy organic buy ethical
Dont drive them to the wall

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