Such individual reality
With ethics to admire
A dash of near nirvana
And visionary fire
Considerable and weighty
Implicit in their thinking
Indispensable for me
With this pandemic
Our very lives apparent to
A communistic state
Wretched in so many ways
As to individual fate

Instilled in us the need to be
Under house arrest
Watching small business
Closing down
It just does suggest
A cabalistic takeover
The likes of AMAZON
A gorgon with an enormous gut
That is really taking on
All the spoils of others
Of businesses galore
Who have to shut down
And then lock up their door

FARMDROP is a beacon
A light that shines away
Searches through the darkness
In its beautifUl display
Of ethics,of endeavour
Of groceries galore
Of every sort of wonder
And more and more and more

Joy they are incredible
In every single way
Cillian and Simon
All of them they pay
Great attention to us all
Tbeir customers and they
Are always very helpful
And very caring in every way

Love is rather profound
To call a business
But so what
They are really extraordinary
They come together
They have got
A genuineness, a sincerity
And freshness through and through
Everything about them
Is a miracle come true

A very Happy Christmas to all the girls and boys
At FARMDROP you have made me feel joyful
This year and that says a great deal about
Your ethic your thoughtfulness and the beautiful way
You conduct business.

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