So few realise chicken hell is here in ENGLAND

The brute fact is that Chickens
Have a hell now here on earth
And so many large suppliers
Are really not worth
The greenwash that they publish
The unreality
Created in these mammoth sheds
Of what is depravity

Great oceans of living souls
Chickens who really are
Sensitive and caring
The care we give them far
From absolute and characterful
The profit margin rules
Disharmony and discord
Where maladjusted fools
Are put in charge of barn loads
Such inconsistency
Unfitness and incompetence
Create hostility

These birds are completely innocent
Sort of Prisoners of war
Tortured for humanity
We seem to have a score
To pick with every feathery soul
Insulted every day
Prevented from drinking water
A crime I have to say

In the melee of bodies
An oven just explodes
They can hardly move a limb
Life on earth erodes
Breathing and the simplicity
Of movement apparently
Is frowned upon by management
But I have to disagree
With their philosophy of torture
Of uncaring thoughtless strife
They turn a spacial area
Into a battlefield where life
Is largely overlooked
It’s all about the profits and
Not a prophet can be found
CEO’s on mega sums
But seldom know the ground

Imbalance and inadequacy
The order of the day
Where is the integrity
For this people do pay
Too many interlopers
Strangers in their midst
And so we see chaotic states
And lists and lots and lists
Of anomalies and disharmony
Of hullabaloo and more
Lots of frantic chickens
Fighting on the floor
There really is no order
Destruction at every turn
the chickens are suffering terribly
Which fills me with concern

It’s true I am vegan
And the meat so many buy
The dead flesh came originally
from live souls
And they cry
out their wishful Pleadings
Bring back the ancestral roar
It’s absolutely awful
What one sees there on the floor

The undoing of generations
The escalating pain
Stifling heat little to eat
They need a drink again
It’s too high they can’t reach it
Torment for the parched
Feathers falling off of them
Behold the butchers marched

Like robotic handlers
Quick to wrench a neck
Expletives every which way
Each victim held in check
CEO’s on salaries
To blow the eternal mind
The victims live their lives in piss and poo
That’s what you find

And on each farm A RED TRACTOR
Is that meaningful to you
Is supposed to exceed a standard
But sadly it’s not true
These eight farms that I talk about
Have created HELL on earth
It’s unflatteringLy simple
Really just how much worth

The barn floor is a BAttlefield
Annihilation comes
Feathers flying everywhere
Little hearts like drums
Beat with so much anguish
When is their time to be
When will they end in a nugget
Or a sandwich for a tea

The massacre of the innocent
Each angel sees its wings
Splattered every which way
Imagine what that brings
To the family lineage
Unproductive springs
Exhausted bleak and withered
Lost in every way
The languor and the torpor
It is on display
A great expanse of toxicity
Fly blown armies crawl
A wilderness of rodents
Running up the wall

Distress it’s really everywhere
Fractures and a gash
The miasma of the fetid
The wbiffy pongy mash
Of rotting previous victims
Sulphurous and foul
The worst smell in the whole wide world
Some One give me a towel

Let me just get out of here
The shrill cacophony
My heart just wants to miss some beats
Get out and just feel free
To gulp back loads of oxygen
And clear this stench of Death
How these poor souls live their life
With blood soaked poo drenched breath

Mount farm
Kettlethorpse Farm Just two of the eight
RSPCA AND DEFRA notified in 2019
TESCO AND OCADO buying from them
McDONALDS Buying from them too


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