Cane Toads and the aboriginies

We apparently have the gift
Of imbalancing Nature
We do it with our arrogance
Every day
We have been around a few hundred years
But compared to Nature we
Havent scratched the surface yet
And we frantically

Want to use controlling methods
Believing we have the right
The disparity and divergence
not always in plain sight
We could not see the uniqeness
And with our methods we found we
Attempted to make things better
But failed it seems to me

Its discriminate in many ways
As we try to right our wrong
We think that we can modify
Something that doesn’t belong
We use science thats our passport
Out of where we are
We throw our spanner in the works
Not seeing very far

We walk upright and believe we are
The top knotch souls about
That is down to our arrogance
We adapt but shelve the doubt
We adjust without the knowledge
We destroy but dont create
We basically are incompetent
And blindly then await

The consequences good or bad
And if there is no antidote
We conjure up excuses
To compensate what some have wrote
Take Australia its mono cropping sugar industry
Attracting the cane and french beetles
Who detrimentally
Attacked the roots and harmed the crops
Thus in panic mode we sought
To attempt to hit native species
And ofcourse we did import

The cane toad from the America’s
It seened a good idea
And introduced it in 1935
It just seemed clear
The toads would eat the beetles
And the sugar industry
Would flourish we were clever
And thats how it would be

We were thinking about money
About the bottom line
The accountants gave the specifics
And we took that as a sign
The toads would be the answer
But if they had have been
They would have been here already
In the ethic of the green

But what infact has happened
Is the toads have done their thing
But brought a lot of other problems
To our shores their fling
With all the busy beetles
But little predation here
And so numbers have exploded
And now its very clear

The toads are a new problem
They are toxic to so many
Of our truly native species
And ofcourse now any
That attempt to eat the cane toad
Die out like the Quoll
Goanna’s and snakes are perishing
Our decision it lacked soul

But the cards were stacked against us
Grey matter on one level
Doesn’t account for history
It can and is the devil
What seemed apparent at the time
Has brought its share of woe
And now the toads are multIplying fast
And they grow and grow

Migrating 60 kilometres each year
Which isnt good
Some species like the Black Kite
Eat only the belly
It would
Do away with some of them
But their toxicity
Was it designed for Australia
And so it seems to me

Science is like children
Because they go to school
And maybe use an ipad
They have the whereforall
To make whatever decisions
To go against the mould
To display their brand of arrogance
Because on it they are sold

Thus we now lose predation
The goanna and some snakes
Dung beetles and much more besides
We are playing with high stakes
We cull genetically alter
We create the most toxic spray
We are very good at killing
But creating then we say

We cannot make a blade of grass
Or spiniflex not us
We can bloody well destroy it
Yea without a fuss
But all the while imbalancing
The environment around
Because we are really ignorant
And arrogant I have found

We make ourselves feel clever
At university
We have so many proffesors
And specialists all be
Clamouring to destroy the world
With their rockets and missiles
But when it comes to Nature
Then that is off their dials

We should think of historicity
Of the aboriginie
Who would never go for mono culture
Letting permaculture be
The mainstay of his knowledge
Realising we
Have been here just 200 years
So nothing actually

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