Laptop warriors

Facebook is full of dedication
Groups of people who say they
Care about the various murders
That happen around the world each day

The Faroe Islanders slaughtering
Of the beautiful pilot whales
Driving them ashore for mutilation
Watch their tails

flap about
And hear their cries of agony
As we
The great and good the warriors
Who Are far far from the sea

We watch upon our screens
As all these creatures meet their death
We give out all our tears and woe
As they lose the breath
To carry on a swimming in pods
Around our shores
Whilst the faroe island murderers
Perform to more applause

Taiji the same the japanese
Slaughters now at will
The dolphins their free spirits
All of them they kill
Drive and torture innocent souls
Or enslaven and sell them on
Whoever is slaughtering wild life
They will do it until
They are gone

Live feeds so we can all see it
Blow by blow carnage and war
It does affect us its gets into our marrow
All the blood and gore
Frustrated and whatever else all of us feel
In our groups we are part of it all
Making not hapeth of difference
But we answer the call

We are the laptop warriors
Petitioning all day
Commenting and liking
And feeling so okay
We are really helping
Curtail these myrderous schemes
Honest folks The difference
Is only in our dreams

Unless we can be more proactivd
Boycotting oerhaps
Or writing to the embasseies
Or the actual murdering chaps
We are getting no where
So what donyou all propose
Carry on joining all these groups
As the carnage grows and grows

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