Child of the wilderness

A powerful kind of critter
Likened to a machine
30pounds of muscle
Known as the wolverine
A great survivability
With endurance and such grit
Loves the Northern Wilderness
For me they are a hit

Supremely wild and mystical
A phantom in the snow
Vigorous and mighty
A weasel that does grow
Mighty and real genuine
With a lot of attitude
Really loves the winter
With a bite thats very crude

Guts so often full of bones
As any guts around today
They crush and swallow anything
That just gets in their way
An avalanche may take a goat
Or even a great big moose
But these tearaways
Will consume them
And turn them into juice

Created from a rugged block
With bags of real resolve
Red blooded and abled
Things seem to revolve
Around their quest for action
Brawny wirey brave
They reign supreme
And are just so mean
Tumblers that save

Themselves they run like crazy
Fur draped everywhere
Fantastic insulation
They are so aware
Of being in the now
When winds are savage in the sky
Blowing like the clappers
These critters watch them fly

Up a snowy incline
A capacity
To chase down any creature
If they are hungry
Nothing stands an earthly
Their bio-energy
Is forceful and compulsive
And unassailable they be

From Alaska to SIberia
The gauntlet they do run
They are just amazing animals
When the day is done
Nothing really frightens them
Not even the grizzly who
Would probably run the other way
Than take on one or two

They love the rocky reaches
Its where they are trapped for fur
In the bleakest vistas
Someone might see a star
Performers really motoring
Through the ice and snow
With all the fizz and wonder
And all the natural glow

A neanderthal among souls
An executioner
Climbing jumping crudely pumping
Phantoms as they were
The open space and wide terrain
At 20 miles per day
Running like they never want to stop
They are away

Ahead of any other
And constant when you see
They know where the deep den sites are
For its where they like to be
The freedom of existence
From the summit to the low
Gun brushes put on camera poles
To help record and know
Where the woolly wolverines are
And where they go
And how brave they are at killing
And just where they might show

The Vancouver Island Wolverines (Gulo gulo)are
Considered extinct.
Largest ancestor of the Weasel family.

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