Gaza a huge camp of angels
Ravaged by obstinacy
Unyielding temper
No compromise
Denying their rights to be free

Israel she is supported
By American tax payers who
Supply the weaponry maiming the angels
And other countries now who
Are supporting the zionists evil
Denying that Israel’is wrong
With hundreds of prisoners lost
In their jails
Somewhere none of them belong

Black smoke is rising all over
Checkpoints belligerently
Harry and frighten
And battle and rattle
But Gazan’s just want to be free

In Gaza this huge camp of angels
Where Israel imposes its thrust
Its hell bent on damning the people
With terror and so much disgust
Danger its everywhere
On every street
Bullets are flying each day
Children are dying women are dying
All of the angels now pay

These are war criminals
And all of the zionist mob
There is no salvation
There are no life lines
No wonder the proud women sob
Balfour brought pain and destruction
Down on these people
When he
Gave away their land to Israel
Who have stolen yet more
And who be

Building their homes on this
Land they have stolen
And the world looks away
Saying they
Just have to sort their own problems out
Whilst Israel still doesn’t have to pay

Nuclear weaponry chemicals too
An arsenal full as can be
This is a terrible happening and
The Gazan’s may never be free
Palestine has lost its freedoms
And all that we see now is blood
Most tragically most of the injured
Are Palestinians who
Are caught in a cross fire of wicked intent
Gaza we are thinking of you

We pray for your children
The angels who cry
We pray for the mothers
Who tragically die
In defence of their land
Of their villages too
The arrest of children
Which is what the ZIONISTS do

Children lob rocks
At the tanks and they die
And nobody cares
Though the angels still cry
Thousands are rotting
Under gods earth
And the media circus
Ignores it
The worth
Appears now in Israel
If one there should die
They all know his name
Which we can see why

Terrible bias
So so unfair
Vast propaganda
Skirmishes where
Children go to school
Its all battle scarred
Ravage the savage now
So says the BARD

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