In the last throes of the day

This evening in the last
rays of the sunlight
close to my Cherry Tree
I did observe
what looked like
tiny fairies
some might say they were
mosquito’s but to my eyes
they were fairies
and the nerve
to do their dancing
in broad daylight
yes in front of me
a mortal some would say
it seems all wrong
that even mortals if they
use their special eyes
can see the fairies
really all along
its just they walk about
half blind
most of the time
they don’t look up
and really most don’t hear
they cannot sense the music
of the fairy flutes
they’re so bunged up with
milk and flour
Do you hear?

One comment on “In the last throes of the day

  1. Marcia on said:

    THX that’s a great aesnwr!

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