Ocean Water

Plastic fish
Its everywhere
Inside the fish
Tangled on the outside
In Rivers
And streams
The sea
Great oceans
that little fishes
Plastic has a place it seems
Although it doesn’t show

Its stuck inside the fish alas
And still we eat a lot
All those strands
That are broken down
Some say No its not!
It Delicious
Micro plastics
Morgellons particles too
Its coming from the distant clouds
To compete with
The morning dew
Water, bottled water
You see it everywhere
A lot comes out of the public taps
And i must admit despair
Comes out of plastic bottles
That end up in the sea
Imagine the amount of plastic
That we eat and drink daily.

Twenty per cenT
The government takes its slice
And all the wretched re cycling
Of bottles
Shake the dice
Where they end up
Lots of them sadly in the sea
In the rivers in the oceans
Inside fish they be

In the earth a thousand years
And probably some more
All that oil and chemical soup
Which most of us ignore
We chucked it in recycling
And as far as we know
They will make another
Its just like too and fro
Gobbling up the fishes
Many of us do
Think of the bottom feeders
The flat fish
It is true
And the filter feeders
And the carnivores
The endocrine disruptors
All adding to our stores

Plastic its now everywhere
Floating in the sea
Fishing nets and fishing line
So much PVC
Heavy duty plastic
The great whales swallow loads
And end up beached and dying
Breaking Natures codes
Plastic its now everwhere
In our water supply
Keep drinking bottled water
And tell me its a lie

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