A Darpa funded Race Specific
Bio weapon
Following the Project Coast
A Replicating stand
And infertility vaccine
From the death star long ago
A nightmare of proportions
Where suffering will grow
Out of the minds of devils
The Deep State Mossad crowd
It was tried once on South Africa
Targeting Blacks a shroud
Of evil wildly ugly
And such rotten suffering
It really has to be
Covid its included
Leading to widespread death
It isnt what they say it is
They are after all our breath
They used it on Iran
To cutback on the nuclear tack
The processing of weapons grade fuel
Which has caused lots of flack

Any joy we have ever had
Is over now be sure
Collapse of fiat currencies
Really its a war
Covid death camps coming
Police state cities too
Farming criminalised
Famine is the catch word
Yes its true

In Oregon already
Farming is being banned
In Colorado seeds and gardening
Really its all planned
Engineered food scarcity
The vaccinated will
Pass their shit to everyone
For they want to kill

Three quarters of the population
On this world today
Sperm counts falling
Women calling
Looking the other way
Birth rates dropping
Like the proverbial stone
Born into a death cult
Where all life they will disown

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