The footballer the hunter

The unconcern and apathy
Of trophy hunting scum
Their callousness
Their unsentimentality
So numb
To the wildness of an animal
Go hunting its the thing
A male Lion holed up in a zoo
For a year
What that does bring

To the Lion perhaos arousal
Fed by humans who
Do so with boiled chicken
Completely clueless too
The true need of the master
The king himself
Who does
Catch wild game
The very same
Thats what wild souls do

For a kingpin
Out of football
Who calls himself the king
is tattoo’d on his back
That roar
Its going to bring
His passion
And his wisdom
In South Africa
They say
He bagged himself a trophy Hunt
And stole the beast away
Imported its skin its skull
Its jaw
What a courageous sod
And now is crying crocodile tears
And praying to his god
And so one story tells it
Others seemingly
Talk up abuse
When he was let loose
Murdered thoughtlessly

Trophy hunting
Is evidence if how
Partly tamed wild animals
Are brought into their now
Let out of their prison
Before a hunter comes
Donning a year old license
Someone bang the drums
Quietly lying ambush
The king of the jungle
the wild lion being ambushed
Or the footballer
Its true
Skin and skull and jawbone
The lion still on display
Continued mental torture
His soul though far away

Zlatanibra Himovic
South African Lion Kill
AC Milan Star
Expressen Allege
The story is true
If it is a great sadness envelops us all.

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