The Kalahari Bushmen

For 20,000 years
They have held precedence
Thats a long enough time
To realise
The Kalahari and all that is within it
Its where the Bushmen live
And I surmise
By now they are a people
Wise and wonderful
So conversant on the land where they
Live and die appreciating everything
There is to know
Settlement Camps
What have you got to say

When you lot were not thought of
They were out there
Living suffering learning
They were there
Taking on the new world
And its newness
Breathing deeply all that wondrous air

With There minds coaxed into wonder
From the minerals
and the richest oxygenation
wonderment was dripping from the treetops
All seeing it was them that were aware
But now you lot your arrogance is startling
Settlement Camps is that where they belong
A people so conversant with the land in which they live
That all they do as gatherers now is wrong

Think again Botswana and Namibia

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