The plunderers

The Margiris owned by the Dutch
So unfair
A super trawler famed for its greed
6 thousand tonnes
And each of them bleed
Total destruction of so many souls
In somebody’s ocean
Acting out roles
This mammoth digester
Grasping its way
Through the great sea of life
Its unsated display
A rapacious appetite
Hungry as hell
Scooping up victims
Designed to do well

250 tonnes in one go
The seas being shafted
Whole shoals as we know
From under the nose
Giving countries distress
See this monster
Close to the shore
Its utterly flagrant
Akin to a war
Super sized vessels
By catch immense
Not a twinge of conscience
It doesn’t make sense
Its just criminality
Stealing as much
As the great nets will hold
It is so out of touch

For the EU to do this
Off Ireland today
Is crass in the extreme
So unfair
And no way
Should they be allowed
To come fishing and catch
Its full on obduracy
And makes us latch
On to the selfishness
Onto the guilt
Dishing out arrogance
As Oceans wilt
Under the vilest insanity
are given the right
At the end of the day

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