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Undertakings must be made

In breeding is a crime against humanity Its evil strangely injurious and wrong Creating the white tiger Leucism pigmentation problems and aadness All along In the wild a tiger must be orange Camouflage allows attAck to be Possible its how … Continue reading

Amur Tiger

The great realization Is giving way to those Pipelines carrying gas and oil And the problem grows and grows The philosophy of existence For the wild souls of the land The historicity beckons Whilst fhe fires of lust are fanned … Continue reading


Roadside zoo’s often abuse Their charges as we know And it comes to mind Now how we find The time to let them show Cubs yes little tiger cubs Stolen from their mums Pulled through the wire meshing This treatment … Continue reading

Wild India

The sounds The beloved music The colours And the peace The interplay of bird and beast And the rucking And the play The tabla working overtime The wild dogs foraging Adaptable and lively To India they bring An air of … Continue reading


Oh! Distinctive soul whose Amber eyes Great shining light balls You are so wise With a will of steel And a heart of gold Sangari she is to behold 300 pounds of muscle Wrestling with nobility An aristocrat from Rajustan … Continue reading

Petting Cubs

Petting Cubs is one thing Petting full grown souls Drugging them to make money Doesn’t score any goals With me Or to truly compromise The carers of the wild Just to coax some misguided parents With a little child This … Continue reading

Tigers on farms

The biggest wild cat in the world And it’s the tiger Who was hurled out of his magical kingdom to Live his incarnation through Big and heavy and lives on his own With a camouflage thats his alone Can run … Continue reading


Tiger tiger the light force King Fully grounded and able to bring A genuine spirit to all who sees His vertical stripes among the trees A solitary fellow whose rank is high With a primacy that does apply A supremacy … Continue reading

Tigons and Ligers

Captivity arrogance Humanity The hideousness And the graceless desire Of defacing nature Of starting a fire In people’s emotions What is surely a crime A male tiger mates with a female Lion In the wild it won’t happen So rape … Continue reading

Temples and tigers and buddhists and money

Temples and Tigers and buddhists and money The homogenisation is a cocktail of pain It can stem from the needs to enhance the ego But breaking the Third Precept clearly no gain To derive a pleasure from sentient beings Is … Continue reading