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Its deep seated in the culture In the tradition of a place In Africa it is illegal And these days a disgrace Wild and feral animals The sick ones too can be Victims in the killing Which is why now … Continue reading

RIver Bend San Francisco

The nobility of the wild and free With a pedigree and an ancestry In a rustic space where every face Has humility its just wants to be Part of the whole conceived of soul Unpretentiously its role Inoffensive unassuming Unseen … Continue reading

Three screams

Back in the dusty old annals in China Eating, something rare Gave much to the diner A social standing that was their thought And communal wealth clearly was sought These kind of people had little regard For animal species and … Continue reading

Guangdong’s total shame

Guangdong in Southern China Boasts a frightful taste The menu’s depict a wealth Of horrors Its something diners faced For years but this latest Delicacy Is rodents in a sauce “3 squeaks” thats live baby mice Shows me How much … Continue reading