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Criminality and the killings

The use of words like conservation When killing is the sin Hunters out to murder To butcher and to skin To ship their trophies Home to where they put them on display Criminals that’s all they are In the bright … Continue reading

Dodgy camps in South Africa

Unpreparedness and unconcern A casualness and need to learn Neglectful mothballed overlooked When the books have all been cooked Camps now holding animals who Are treated slovenly and who do Suffer terribly obviously Poor nutrition and constancy Tortured really everyday … Continue reading

Africa’s problem with Lions and human encroachment

Space a specific area A true locality A vastness where wild animals Have lived and have felt free But now we see true conflict With human beings who Also use the precious land And want to live there too Agricultural … Continue reading

Hunter man

The philosophy of existence Where Every species has its place Enduring and perpetual Surviving in the face Of genuine creation Attested and fulfilled Essental and purposeful In essence all instilled With feelings and with spirit With a tendency to be … Continue reading

Whose a handsome boy then?

A joyful disposition A euphoria for life Fulfilment every single day Each excursion sees no strife Blessed by the almighty Confident and strong No reason to grumble Serenity and song A youth with such high spirits Elevated by The irrepressible … Continue reading

Karakoram Highway a victim

The gojal region of Pakistan The northern most part to where CHina’s welcome is on their doorstep But for one soul the despair Of being caged up being left Alone in this vile cell Captured presumably some time ago And … Continue reading

Asiatic Lions

The roar is a voice out of no where It springs from the inside to wake Those who would hear it and shudder For honestly it is no fake Almost 400 reside here In India Gir National Park Acacia and … Continue reading

Is it to late to re- educate

Arrogance and ignorance Are the hunters and poachers disease And animal earthlings are fast disappearing We have got the chance though to seize The opportunity to save them Take the clouded leopard they say It went extinct due to over … Continue reading

The plight of WILD animals in circus

Wild animals In Circus So topical of course An Elephant chained in a cage A Tiger feel their force of Nature Feel their boredom The frustration of it all And all that transportation Up and down the ramps And we … Continue reading


Saving the animals That was the idea Buying in babies And letting them be In fairly good sized fenced off areas Not spaying or neutering As you can see Packed in they are white lions And Leopards, jaguars All sorts … Continue reading