Fighting for African Animals

Fighting for Africa’s animals
Writing and posting each day
And seeing canned hunting
Murdering Lions
And African farmers
Who prey
Mistaken and so naive hunters
Absorbing deceit everyday
They Travel and murder the caged ones
lions, duped and drugged
To the eyeballs
Sadly It happens today

South Africa is unable to resolve it
One time fruit growers, now they
Moved into harvesting Lions
For the hunters
Canned Hunting was brought into play
With evil intentions
Petting farms grow
Ignorant volunteers
Their numbers show
The little cubs
What can they do
Taken from their mothers
Rejected all through
Transferred to cages
And there they will sit
An awful existence
How man dares fit
Into a small space
Its clearly unfair
But its money and profits
And hoping to share

Then selling the service
Of hunts guaranteed
No stalking no walking
Its at break neck speed
A lion just a victim
Picked and placed where
The hunter is brought
And the killing they share

The bones go to Vietnam
Its criminal too
Tiger cake sells
For a lot
What they do
Is process the Lion Bones
With turtle shell
And monkey, no tiger
But it seems to sell well

Its terrible karma
And Africa gets
A bad reputation
It really sets
The drama in motion
Its terribly cruel
But the trade has been growing
Breaking every rule

Lions fed on chicken
And whatever they get
Is nutrition and really it does not let
Their bones and their bodies
Develop that well
They are weak they are lost souls
Living in Hell

Its so good to hear
Out of Nairobi
Where it is clear
The puzzle of ever increasing
Land need
For the people and for animals
For this to succeed
It needs the experience
And to beware
Of the corporate land grabs
Which really arn’t rare

Of Africa’s minerals
profits to steal
Not many prophets
And a great deal of zeal
The Big five are out there
Attracting us all
All the wild park lands
We do hear them call
Wildness is special
Having the gift
Of their enormous wealth
It must feel like a lift

So attained, was a godsend
And its easy to see
How growth and how business
Is in conflict as we
Grow richer and needy
For housing and land
For more agriculture
To just understand
The astronomical puzzles
Africa whose future
I do think its sound

But the animals matter
They need love and care
And thats why the people
Are fighting and share
And thankfully
Kaddu Sebunya is there
Marking the crossroads
And being aware
Of the future
Explosion of people
And he
Is making s difference
That much we can see.

Greetings to
Olivia Mafute
Sylvia Wasige
Didi Wamukoya

I need to know more about you all

Julie Kirani who visited my blog
After reading my latest Elephant poem just called Elephant

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