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She hails out of Kentucky From Nippa I was told For a couple of thousand dollars A black giraffe quite old Unable now to mate, we hear So a prime target she Stalked the poor old bugger And shot it … Continue reading

Trophy hunting scumbags

none of them on the the breadline But as hunters go they be Underfinanced and niggardly And just so miserly They want to go to Africa Game hunters thats their thing And looking through the safari books The prices kind … Continue reading

Giraffes the new target

Submissive and passive Glorious souls Faithful and steadfast Honouring roles Of the worlds tallest animal A ruminant they Stand 18 feet In shrubveld they play With a penchant for thorn trees They never lie flat Also seldom sleep And know … Continue reading

Zoo animals in China

The Zoo Is a place Where the public do go Pay to go in Its like a big show The stock are live animals In cages and pens With no where to go And this kind of lends Itself to … Continue reading

Are you having a laugh said the tall giraffe

COme join us in the swimming pool Somewhere we don’t go as a rule Since we got the chance to be Diving and doing it expertly On the high board a splendid sight Watching our long necks in pure flight … Continue reading

The only white giraffe in the world

It’s her ermine blush It’s just that rush Of blood within my soul It’s her tapestry The light that be It’s under control That uniqueness she displays Bared and so unphased Accepted by the herd Who doesn’t say a word … Continue reading

Poachers in Garamba

3 beautiful Kordofan Giraffes That were sighted hours before Were poached and shot down in cold blood It is a bloody war Against the highly militarised forces Who are paid To come and slaughter wild animals Which is their stock … Continue reading

Compassion among the local people

With the latest wave of hunters Gunning down Giraffes And posing with their mangled bodies Really just for laughs Spread across the internet Hanging on their wall A poor dead earthling shot to death And so lost to us all … Continue reading

The poor old Giraffes

habitat loss Is a key issue here Humans encroaching And spreading up fear In the last 15 years More than 40 per cent Have gone from this land They just quietly went Unseeing in fact These iconic souls Gentle and … Continue reading

Giraffe the height of purgatory

Long legged long necked Its the high trees to where These wonderful animals All so aware Of their enormous structure Imagine their gait How hard it must be To just demonstrate The power and emotion Ones head in the sky … Continue reading