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The godliest of creatures Outback angels, they Have been around For 50,000 years They know the way Arid forest areas Hot sun baking dry Kangaroo’s are made to be And they realise why They don’t have little babies Godly thats … Continue reading

OH Dear God!

Oh dear God The trapper The wicked laxity Unconscientious Opportunism And partiality Hide the vile contraption For a great wild soul Who will know his foot is broken The trapper scored his goal Waiting licking shivering The agony we feel … Continue reading

Anatolian Water Frogs

Anatolian Water Frogs Apparently apart From living in the brackish ponds Millions without heart Are hunted down at night And shipped over land to where People love to eat them Completely unaware Millions of the caught at night From Turkey … Continue reading

Cretian Sea Turtle

Caring, knives out ready A ball of net and knot Fishing gear abandoned What a rotten lot Really lacking judgement We just chuck shit away The turtle lives under the sea But of course is made to pay The couple … Continue reading

Children killing wild souls

Its abuse to take a child Into the forest To kill a wolf a wild soul Who is there To eat and feed the pack Where predation meets the prey Taking out predation Plays with the godly Let me say … Continue reading


The question is an arrogance Assuming in a way That only human beings Apparently can say They have an assured capacity And, true powers of thought Coming to terms with human beings In itself it ought To be a kind … Continue reading

Lock down and its affect on a person of the forest

The Orangutan An ape of magnitude and awe A swinger and a bringer A jungle man of war Who faces up to zoo keepers The lowest of the low The snarling rotten tight arsed Creeps Who just wishes he could … Continue reading

Babies unwanted, Egregious

7 billion male chicks Are slaughtered every year Some with inept gas its true But most the conveyor of fear As males cannot lay eggs They are the innocent that must die Chirping very joyously To the macerator, high Chattering … Continue reading


Its been two days since the snow fell The rooves still showing signs The pavements too are icy If the old sun shines It melts the snow a little The roads are a slushy mess The gardens though retain a … Continue reading


Fear now Its just everywhere Every breath you take Dread and awe Angst and flutter Doom and gloom Stay petrified and more The government want To control you Ashen faced and tense Lockdown under House Arrest Caged up keep the … Continue reading


A covering fell out of the sky A counterpane so white A colour wash of ermine It just came with the night The artist sprung its rough cast Of diadems and we Just found the glorious smother On every single … Continue reading


Fur hags Dead eyes Thats the FUR Hags Lovers so they say Ignorant opportunists Unreliably in the pay Of Trappers. Murderers Hunters Scumbags who all wait To tempt a hungry animal And kill it at a rate Of knots, The … Continue reading

Whose on trial for our BEAR BILE

A BEAR Just imagine Its really like you It heeds its liver Just as we do But quacks far away Chinese medicine BILE They say its a curative Are we in denial Trap the wild souls Operate on Open great … Continue reading


To be a bee Is not easy Tiny wings A body bigger Flying off to Find the pollen Rain and Wind and EMF Tetra micro waves a plenty Agaricides and DDT Keepers, Reapers and even Sleepers Funny, honey Humans see … Continue reading


Slaughter LINE speeds Imagine that This evil shocks my soul A so called godly person Has taken on the role Of punishing his victims Inflicting on them sends Terror through their being Yes Castigating tends Much for their advancement Their … Continue reading

A dolphin meditates out of TAIJI

A bright blue sky A healthy day Exhilaration On the way A calmer sea There cannot be A way to bring And help me fling My body into leaps and bounds Breaking the surface Feeling the downs Fanciful my wishes … Continue reading

The Night Stalker

Two decades on death row San Quentin his spot It was Cancer that ended his Reign and he got The seed of the Devil Inside him and he Lived with his thoughts For his eternity The City of Angels The … Continue reading

Horses a commentary

The illusion and the sophistry Of watching horses run Racing them making them jump Fences in the sun The dupery and swindling Its cruelty beyond Peoples imagination Taking advantage of the bond Animals have with human beings Owners so to … Continue reading

Kate Bush

A lyricist a troubadour Transposing all the way A minstrel and a harmonist Her music does display An origin of the impromptu A Conceptual tonality Variations on many themes And Melodious of clarity Performance art and drama Mellifluous and assonant … Continue reading


Merlina’s dead Though some might smile Legends these days Are off their dial The Tower of London Had a Raven A bird goddess Of great style One Of seven but now She has died Its bad for us Though thats … Continue reading

Another dead dolphin

Try to imagine the spirit The life’s blood Enduring and breathing Essentially so In the blue salty ocean So much devotion Noose sandy beach Facing North as we know All that blueness A gentleness soft salty spray A gentle persuasion … Continue reading

Penguin time

We live out in the environment As wild as wild can be Massive landscapes fill our senses And cajole our factuality The fundamental aspects The sea the sky the snow The essential nature Of how the wind does blow The … Continue reading


I call on the great Bastet Egyptian goddess, she Must come back from the years before And honestly now see What the Vietnamese are doing Transgressing to a point Murdering baby black cats Trying to annoint The jokers now believing … Continue reading

Coyote Killers

An irreverence for Nature For these god given souls Such vile desecration An insult for the roles They play establishing an equilibrium Their bounden duty, they By observance and by conscience That the Coyote tribes do play Observing the wrongness … Continue reading

Wildness and the whole hunting theme

Existence, subsistence, eternity The whole life cycle where we The human, the hunter, encouraging those To come and spread fear and just be Undeniably practising murder Of the enduring and eternal flame What is the nirvana of many A groundless … Continue reading

Wild birds and their keepers

Human un kind They are out there Everywhere we go Wildness is to slavery And those now in the know Believe themselves to be free In their semi detached box With their standard car And the in built bar And … Continue reading


Courage And commitment And Accountablity Donald Trump Assignable Merited engaged A godly man With a world wide plan Who now has kind of staged High standing And consideration Veneration too Integrity and honesty And logical virtue up against the vile … Continue reading

Go fund Me

Go fund Me Hosting a fund raising jaunt And its for Hare Coursing Such pain they flaunt Arrogance yea you feel it here Ignorance too its so very clear Beautiful Hare’s torn to pieces Leaving some hunters in creases Soulless … Continue reading

The Faroes

Hard as nails The Faroese The Grindadrap The Danish Navy If you please! Protects their vikings Just Throwbacks who Wipe out Pilot Whale Pods And They do The bloodbath The whole family tree Torn to shreds The agony They drive, … Continue reading


Spirit is everywhere And the belief From the trees of the forest To the utter relief Of the stones standing Proud At ROllRIGHTS All do Have a spirit To run with A spirit thats true Edward Burnett Taylor Primitive Culture … Continue reading