Its been two days since the snow fell
The rooves still showing signs
The pavements too are icy
If the old sun shines
It melts the snow a little
The roads are a slushy mess
The gardens though retain a cloak
Where the green Spring bulbs confess
To Pushing through the frozen earth
And up into the snow
Lincoln green and aquamarine
Their life force now on show
Great energy, resistance
The fresh shoots perfect green
Life in all its spectacular form
Brightening the scene
The trees are bare the snows not there
The Beech a lacy flair
The Cherry still retains some leaves
Tattered and hanging there
Marcescence an abscission process
Deciduous trees retain
Their leaves right through the Winter
Maintaining a chain
Its very cold I am shivering
Imagine the wild souls
Sheltered somewhere snuggled up
In their chafing
Wintry holes
Puffing up their feathers
Or pushing deeper they
Uncomfortable together
In their stupor of dismay.

Body heat out of the wind
And inclementness
The harsh severe encroaching
Raw and bitter stress
Huddled in some shelter
Awaiting the Dawn
hopeful of a bounteous Sun
And the warm breath of a Fawn
A visit to a feeder
Fat balls and the like
The joyfulness and ecstasy
Worthy of the hike.

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