Cretian Sea Turtle

Caring, knives out ready
A ball of net and knot
Fishing gear abandoned
What a rotten lot
Really lacking judgement
We just chuck shit away
The turtle lives under the sea
But of course is made to pay

The couple care and share
Their love
Freeing the turtle, they
All this sticky nylon netting
Of course gets in the way
The poor soul free
His carapace, his legs a weary soul
Entering the wild surf
Taking back his role

The tide is wild and aggressive
Its coming in like crazy
The ocean welcomes back a son
Don’t ever call him lazy
For days he struggled
It cut into his skin
Suffering the ultimate
His patience wearing thin

A couple on a beach in Crete
With open eyes who cared
Dashed into the spicy tide
His life in fact they spared
Cutting all the nylon strands
The knots and parcel he
Was part of
How he struggled for an eternity

Thanks to the couple who cared
And to the fishermen who use and abuse
It should happen to you or to your children.
Use the sea wisely think ahead of the agony
Other encounter because of you

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