Swan’s Lament

Heartache and discontent
A mothers plea
A swan on an island
Her nest seemingly
Hidden from view
But apparently so
A crowd of yobs
Threw bricks at it
We know
The mother beside herself
Imagine her pain
the angst and the anguish
To find them all slain
By the bricks
Tossed and broken
Her 5 unborn
Smashed into pieces
damnation did dawn
It was her waking nightmare
Her grief and her gloom
Such desolation
With huge bouts of doom
Disquiet and fretting
Indisposed she
Died with a broken heart
Victimised she
A Crowd of young boys
All as Ugly as sin
Their insensitivity
Fit for the bin
Boorish uncertainty
Craven hearted were they
Having Murdered those cygnets
At the end of the day

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