Monthly Archives: January 2016


The absurdity of the seasons Some daffodils in bloom Spring is at least a Month away But obviously the gloom Below the earth is lightening up Though there still might be some snow But anyway its imbolc Or “in milk” … Continue reading


When we found her lifeless body We were mortified We cried, and, we have been Crying ever since Our darling dog had been gunned down She actually drowned in her own blood No matter how we ponder It is still … Continue reading

Bella Italia

Potentially the nicest and the most cordial Place around Nirvana care of pizza Where the grains are finely ground Baked with fire and served with love By Laura of Sicily Who misses this wee lass I’m sure For she served … Continue reading

Pageants and elephants dont mix

India should by now know that Elephants The heaviest of land animals are in stress Marching through the streets clad in regalia It puts their whole demeanour in a mess There is no give in the roads unlike the natural … Continue reading

Vegan angels lets reward them now

The Ocean has authenticity Its absoluteness spans Into perpetuity Its realism stands The course of time An immortal space A universe alone So supportive of the landmass And anyone whose thrown A line into the great lake The swimmers came … Continue reading

A lonely soul

I was a being All seeing I thought An arborial master Few could climb faster Evolution had set me Goals to be scored I was immortal And not overawed And so excited And never bored Then came the palm oil … Continue reading

Ramachandran just one elephant ‘s thoughts in Kerala

Existence in an immortal sense we feel its latent power What is their vast nirvana A visionary of each hour An intimate regard for life Each opportunity To interconnect To reciprocate And do so mutually Its perhaps the human Contrariness … Continue reading


The periodic table of the elements Have so much going for them but few see The elements concerning our environment They overlook the similarity Calcium and Strontium are sisters Potassium and Caesium are too Iron and what is hell on … Continue reading

Tigers and temples

The immortal understanding The philosophy of thought Exacting meditation Its not how I was taught Tigers are wild animals Thats where they should be In the wilds where they were put Thats where we need to see Wild animals not … Continue reading

That matador wants his ears cut off along with his genitals

SPAIN you breed a bunch of thoroughly nasty Evil men You train them in the murdering of Bulls Pray tell me when This infamy will ever cease What I saw today A tortured fellow in such pain And the matador … Continue reading