TNT is a click away thanks to the RATS

The African Pouched Rat

grows to a size

of  three feet

and being nocturnal

with olfactory maps

realised in their brains

Just like muroid APPS

able to sniff out a variety of stuff

from TB to landmines

and if thats  not enough

they are hunted for bushmeat

the poor do exist

on Rat Meat nutrition

which seem hard to resist


in Morogoro a rat school

was born

rats taught from babies

a kind of New Dawn

Use of their noses to save many who

Might otherwise die

Many do still its true

being desperately poor

rats tend to be

tasty when eaten

so more

were being flushed out of the forests
using fire

a terrible indictment

and it became dire


so to train up these rats

As sniffer rats they

Can really find land mines

if they are in  their way

then they are  targets

for an explosive force

But the  safety of  farmers

all par for the coarse

and thats what they are doing

hero rats they

along with their  trainers

work land mines each day

its still very dangerous



but so worthwhile

in risk terms in fact

it is way off the dial


the rats are now seen in a bright

Vivid  light

Complete dedication

when it goes right

its a force of argument

with lateral thinking

an alleged pest

is kind of linking

The programme together

its seeing stuff  done

more and more ordinance

under the sun

less and less mishaps

and people do see

that these rats are amazing


thousands of land mines are

discovered this way

marked then blown up

which does allay

the fear people have

of farming out there

its clear there are hundrds


and more understanding

exists everywhere

the villagers the rat catchers

there is not the despair

hanging about

mostly now can see

the Rats are their friends

saving them



willing to work hard

for the lovely treat

banana not rama

and peanuts a treat

the olfactory nerve

Works overtime

with results

Bringing joy

and a  need for this rhyme

the school has extended

its region to be

in Cambodia too

it just works all can see

the PDSA gave out medals

as well

to Magawa the gold medal

under  her spell

Vast  ordinance discovered

a good job done well

and a feather in the cap

Of the  teachers

dedication and wisdom

the lap of the gods

saving the lives

one Rat named Miss Marple

so inquisitive she

along with a lot more

are engaged thankfully

in clearing the landmines

in Mozambique

thousands and thousands

were left there

they seek

through the long hours of training

to encourage the rats

to pick up the habit

and improve their stats

There are currently several

rat catchers about

who train over months

So there isnt a doubt

when put out to wander

the Rats will and do

find land mines and safeguard

the people its true

expectations are high

and confidence to

rats reputations

we know what they do

But if they are eating them

surely they might

forgo that decision

and see them alright

its a click and their fed

thats what they do

when they smell the aroma

Its just like  their clue

trained up and ready

and raring to go

scrupulous warriors

as we now know


Angola Zimbabwe

and Mozambique

they work too in Cambodia

tuberculosis they seek

samples of sputum

they can pinpoint and show

making inroads into beating

disease like a pro


seemingly Pouched Rats

their reputation

is improving a lot

right across the nation

Studying hard

and working like mad

Honourable critters

and their victories  add

hundreds and hundreds

of explosives are cleared

banishing problems

the people have feared

the consequence  clearly

the Rats do things well

and are saving  lives

of the people.














About Rex Tyler

I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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