Lolita formerly Tokitae

locked down and forgotten by so many friends

captured from the Puget Sound thats where her real

life ends

Clearly  socially distanced

her freedoms then for sure

the alacrity of evil it was commonplace

Miami Sea aquarium  a war

of attrition it began in 1970

and has been raging ever since till now
existing in the whale bowl

and a bloody insult

the human beings around her

lacked true soul


the tank a dead experience no living plants around

Nothing resembling nature

no nothing was ever found

she a vulnerability

then about aged four

Captured by pure arrogance

no wonder she felt raw


well the Orca she just hated it

humiliated so

the ocean was her place of being

As most of  us know

joy that word was cancelled

the gloating humans they

Because they had big ego’s

they spirited her away


Uncharitable and ghastly

They wanted an orca fast

humans want thats all they do

the die it seems was cast



locked down couldn’t go anywhere

just round and round and round

a concrete bowl with chlorine

a martyr they had found

and then they called her “Lolita”

Wasn’t that really kind

Wild  souls don’t want names or numbers

It just blows their mind


Indisposed to suffering

became her only friend

victimized and sorrowful

Nobody  would lend

a thing to dear “Lolita”

just a tiny  tank

there to be at her beck and call

in water  that was rank


such harshness and such harassment

she was lumbered we can say

her whole sweet world turned upside down

and she knew she would pay

Her mental capability

she realised that she

was in here for a lifetime

so much purgatory


Artlessness and vulgarity

the order of the day

unrefined and inelegant

she spent her days away

from wildness in the true extreme

To a tiny pool where she

Could cry her heart out every day

and we would all know where she would be


languishing in boredom

a last hope taken away

Hugo eventually killed himself

thats what fate would say

he bashed his head so many times

against the concrete wall

hardly a happy bunny

the story wasn’t  tall


all these years she has suffered

really night and day

living in a concrete pool

just so far away

from the ocean from the Puget Sound

from soundness and desire

and left to  rot in a fluoride wash

The power of bleach and fire


orca’s great and noble

their big heart suffers long

defeated by the humane twits

who really don’t belong

anywhere near the ocean

small minded pricks they be

if anyone should be made to live

in a bathtub

its them, we see

all sorts of nervous problems

captivity for what

being free and social

And nothing had she got

Hadn’t broken any laws

she,  resolute and well

and Miami were the bastards

who sent her into hell


the fear that hung around the place

where Lolita was forced to be

A password protected whale bowl

for anyone to see


Come  and  sense her sadness

just slipping away

She became a scandal

based on Vladimir they say

she was dark and pensive

her virginity

Captured by the trainers

who destroyed her actually

covered in all that powder

They wanted her To acquire

a sort of novel  lineage

They walked her into fire


a vile attack  the novel

one Dolores Haze

12 years old

a beauty

who became the  real malaise

The entitled professor

whose falsehoods sent him down

Humbert Humbert

the pseudonym

that helped her sort of  drown

out the vile enactments

her existence until today

Raped of all expression

A mere chattel who would pay


what has become an exaltation

an irreverence a mockery

even her name is sacrilege

Which changes to duplicity

ungodly were her captors

who desecrate and sit

in their filthy counting houses

talking so much shit

cursers of the boardroom

the walnut panelling

the fat cigars and  cognac

Yes each hellfire underling















About Rex Tyler

I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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