Grouse Shooting

110965 signed petition to cease driven grouse shooting.

in 2016

it came to the house

and again it was June  as we know

the killing of red grouse

With lead shot

and all

the hangers on killing the raptors

the call

to ban tis vile pastime

for the rich ladeda

the night drinking parties

stockbrokers come far

wild Hares and weasels

Stoats if you please

what ever we say

They will never squeeze

the goodness and sanctity

out of the debate

the  moor owners turn over

who dare placate

the wines that are flowing

the hostelry

the killing fields



its all about corporates

nod nod wink wink

hen harriers crows

some on the brink



the sicko’s  who signed

up to stop all this stuff

the glories and the tories

Up here its rough

the wild life are voiceless

they are going  to be

Shot out of  existence

And  trapped mercilessly

when nobody’s  looking

the improbity

Its depraved and wicked

abhorrent and wrong

and in a sane country

it shouldn’t belong.








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