Elephants in captivity

I think the population of humans


lockdowns for the innocent

It comes  as no surprise

Zoos have been the culprits

and safari parks as well

its really very wicked

keeping them in hell

elephants are social creatures

family is their thing

solitary prisons

all that will ever bring

is sadness and the feeling

that captivity

is wrong on all counts

aiding and  abetting



its good that laws are changing

lockdown is the thing

it leads to mental illness

control its how they sling

their vile demands on animals

Who should and would be wild

its tortuous behaviour

their lives are defiled

Elephants now in zoo’s

will live their lives sadly

but there will not be new ones coming

that just cannot be

leave them in their birth place

their size alone should tell

enclosures caged and sterile

is for them a hell

most die of a broken heart

so human beings can

gawp at them in purgatory

its always been the plan

we are a heartless bunch of rogues

expecting them to be

holed up in a dirty yard

for their eternity.





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