Tower hill garage KIA Chipperfield, kings langley herts WD49LR

Kia this is a message
From a customer of yours
About the above garage
Worthy of such applause
They are a miraculous outfit
Civil in every way
Its always a joy to go there
Anytime of day

All the staff every single one
Are good at what they do
They are genuinely helpful
And caring which is true
I am a bit disabled
And they go the extra mile
I will never buy another make
Of car for all the while

The management the sales men
The service team as well
Every single one of them
Really ring my bell
They exude goodwill
Their after sales
Is everything one needs
Consideration and understanding
Their empathy exceeds

Anything that any customer
Really could ever feel
And I have so much respect for all of them
They are the real deal

On service they are fair
Respectful and really a joy
And I am really confident
With the people they employ
Everybody is friendly
Respectful and they do
Appreciate their customers
And are really helpful too

Honest as the day is long
I appreciate them so
And the KIA cars are magnificent
I have a Ceed you know
I have driven Kia’s
For years and years and years
And wanted to thank you all personally
And I hope head office hears

What an amazing team they are
The new showrooms look a treat
The management are on the ball
Nobody can beat
TowerHill for their professionalism
They have that to a tee
If only I was young again
I would work there for free

One comment on “Tower hill garage KIA Chipperfield, kings langley herts WD49LR

  1. Rex Tyler on said:

    Hi Rex,

    Your poem is worthy of salute, and I thank you for your kind words!

    Thank you also for your continued custom, it is much appreciated, and it’s always a pleasure to assist you, and over the years the boundaries of customer have blurred with friend. I hope
    you and your family get through lock down three as best as possible as there are not really any amongst us who are not feeling a bit down at the
    very least.

    Also thank you so much for the beer, we have pooled it all at work to share and occasionally after a long days toil we will all stay for a socially distanced one after work,
    where you do get toasted!



    Lee Gilmour
    Dealer Principal
    Tower Hill Garage (1194)
    01923 262701

    Thank you but you really all are a wonderful group of caring thoughtful people
    And you have always from day one treated me unbelievably, your customer service second to no one.

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