Sheeple people

They call the ignorant people SHeeple
But what I must say
Is the sheep are gentle loving godly souls
Considerate they take their roles
Seriously on earth they do
They have admiration for folk like you
They are humble in their outlook
They respect and are in awe
They are peaceful ruminants
Gentle to their core
Its media and wokeness
Begrudging them a day
A life out on the chilly hills
Protected in a way
but their woolly blankets
Designed to prevent cold
Wool the human steals from them
And the heat they hold

We are disrespectful
Of the godly ways
For us its making profit
Karma always pays
The piper yes the piper
Makes a lot of noise
Lives his life in splendour
With all the natural joys
But not the sheep
And lambs who play
And are sent to abattoir
Slaughtered in their millions
Milked as if the star
All their wool removed so we
Can have a warmer time
And when they got the chance to run
They ran for its no crime

We are the bloody sheeple
We watch them as they go
It makes the news they are running
Every sheep does know
Its throat cut behind all those gates
Where rivers of blood
Dilute the drainage daily
Behold the carnage flood

Even tiny babies are murdered
And are served
With mint sauce and potatoes
No wonder they were unnerved
And buggered off at quite a pace
Escaping from their death
Running like the clappers
Many out of breath

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